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The Most Holy Redeemer

Stewards of the Gospel

Wednesday 9th May 2018

For the last 2 years, nominated Parishioners of our Diocese have met regularly to hear the initiatives put forward by our Bishop Alan for the renewal and reconstruction of the Diocese.

Most recently the first draft proposal called "working together to Evangelise our Diocese" was published and a copy made available to everyone in the Diocese. The Stewards met once more, on the 24th February in the presence of Bishop Alan. He outlined some of the complexities of the renewal timeline and that comments from each Parish on the first draft proposal were due by the 31st March, 2018.

The Most Holy Redeemer had submitted a report and all replies were then to be analysed and presented to the DSPG (Diocesan Strategic Planning Group), chaired by the Director of Development, Steve Webb. The results of these comments were due on the 23rd April however we had been advised that the timeline was overly optimistic and this date has been put back to the end of May 2018, for a more comprehensive response.

Another meeting of the PSDG is due shortly but there is a feeling that the timelines, as originally set out in the first draft document, will be revisited and a slightly longer period is envisaged.

A further video message from our Bishop will be released soon and published on the Diocesan website - this will set out the next steps of his vision to Evangelise our Diocese.

To those Parishioners who have carefully read the document published during Advent in 2017, some of the messages are very clear, but there are still hurdles to cross and decisions to be made. Both Father Dan and myself would be happy to further discuss this with individuals or groups at a convenient time.

David Mullen- SOG representing the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.

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