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The Most Holy Redeemer

Our weekend Mass online seat reservation system - User Guide

Parishioners can reserve seats at our weekend Masses both online and via the telephone but online reservation is encouraged.

Online bookings can be made between 8am on Thursdays and 8am on Fridays using the link provided in the following places: -

- The current MHR newsletter
- The weekly MHR email sent out by Fr Dan (free subscription required)
- The MHR Facebook page

Telephone bookings can be made by calling the Parish Office on 01277 624891 between 9am and 1pm on Thursdays and Fridays only. This is also the number to call should a Mass be seen to be "sold out" online as there is an allocation of seats reserved for those who do not have access to the internet.

Once you have logged into the reservation system please do as follows:

1. You will first see a screen similar to this:


2. Click on the Register button and you will go to a screen similar to this:


3. Choose your Mass and click on the down arrow to pick the number of seats up to a maximum of FIVE.
Please note that if you choose more than one seat, everyone must be from the same household or "bubble".
Then click on the Register button


4. In this screen please fill in all required details: -

- The individual names of all attendees
- Email (the same email for all attendees will be fine)
- Telephone number (the same phone number for all attendees will be fine)
- Click the tick box to confirm that each attendee is a Parishioner of the MHR Parish
- If any of your party have mobility issues please tick this box

5. Once you have completed all the required sections the Register button will change colour and you should click on it.

You will then go to a confirmation screen and you will be sent a confirmation email.

Should you have any issues with the above please call the Parish Office on 01277 624891

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