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The Most Holy Redeemer


If you are new to our parish, or you have not been to church for a while, or you are not a Catholic and would like to find out more about the Catholic Faith, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

At the Most Holy Redeemer our aim is to be a community which is growing in love and fellowship and one in which everyone is encouraged to use the God given gifts that they have to serve His Church and the world.

You may have lots of questions, so we've provided some information below to make your first visit easy and enjoyable.

Parish Mass Times:
Our weekend Masses are at 6pm on Saturday, and at 9am and 11am on Sunday. You don't have to book in advance in order to attend any of these Masses. Please feel free to come and introduce yourselves to one of our Welcomers and to Father Dan, our Parish Priest.

What happens during Mass?
All our Masses (services) incorporate prayer, readings from the Bible, a homily (message), receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, and music. Our weekend Masses are usually about an hour in length.
We have Order of Mass cards available at the entrance of the church which have all of the prayers of the Mass written on them. Please ask one of the Welcomers if you would like to use an Order of Mass card.

Are children welcome?
Yes! All children and families are welcome to come to Mass whatever age they are. At our 9am and 11am Sunday Masses during term time we also have special liturgies for toddlers and children which take place in our Pastoral Centre. We encourage parents of toddlers to go out with their children and for school age children to go out without their parents.

Do I have to participate?
We want you to feel welcome to come along and join us at Mass without feeling concerned about being asked to do anything. You can leave whenever you like and while you can remain anonymous, we encourage you to introduce yourself to Father Dan or one of the parishioners - we look forward to meeting and connecting with you.
If you are not a Catholic, you are very welcome to receive a blessing from the priest during Holy Communion. If you would like to receive a blessing all you need to do is to put your arms across your shoulders when you come to the front of the church.

Will I be asked to give money?
During Mass we provide the opportunity for regular parishioners to help support our priests and parish financially. Please feel free to not contribute at this time. Most parishioners give by Standing Order. If you'd like to set up a Standing Order you can do so by following this link: Standing Order Form

What if I have more questions?
If you have any questions about anything taking place in our parish, please don't hesitate to speak to one of the Welcomers who are present at all of the weekend Masses or speak to Father Dan, the Parish Priest, at the end of Mass.
You can also get in contact with the Parish Office via email at Parish Office Email

If you would like to subscribe to our weekly email which provides information about everything that is taking place in our parish you can do so by following this link:
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Can I have my child baptised here?
If you feel that this is a parish community that you would like your family to be part of then once you have been coming to Mass regularly for a couple of months, please speak to Father Dan at the end of Mass and he can talk to you about how baptism preparation works in our parish.

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