Catholic Parish of
The Most Holy Redeemer

Our History

16th - 19th Centuries: The Church In Early Times
1852/1883: Served from Stock
1884/1900: The Mass in Billericay
1900/1909: Establishing a Presence
1910/1912: The Parish Community Formed
1913/1916: Building the Church
1917/1918: Fr Roche Appointed
1919/1939: The Parish Develops
1946/1965: A Period of Rapid Growth
1966/1969: A New Parish Priest
1968/1977: After the Second Vatican Council
1977/1978: Father Arthur Barrow
1978/1989: Father William Nix
1990/1996: Fr Patrick Sammon
1997/2002: Father Conrad Smith
2003/2016: Father John McGrath
2016/Present: Father Daniel Mason
Our Parish Today

The Most Holy Redeemer. Diocese of Brentwood.
The Brentwood Diocesan Trust. Registered Charity No. 234092

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