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Holy Week and Easter 2022 Photos

Monday 18th April 2022

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As the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic fades, our Parish was able to celebrate Holy Week and Easter Sunday morning in a more usual fashion this year.

Below is a selection of photographs from a special week in our Parish, thanks to our excellent photographers Ray Keilthy, Teresa Giles, Suzanne Sinclair, Mark Nuttall and our fixed cameras in the church.

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

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The Sanctuary area is adorned with palms

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Fr Dan begins prayers at Sun Corner with plenty of parishioners in attendance

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Fr Dan starts the blessing of palms

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Palm Sunday 5.jpg
The 9am Choir is ready to lead the singing back into church

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The Gospel is read by Fr Dan, Monica Watters and Peter Johnson

Maundy Thursday - Mass of the Lord's Supper

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Fr Dan washes the feet of parishioners

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Maundy Thursday 2.jpg
Incensing of the Blessed Sacrament whilst the 11am Choir
(accompanied by members of the 9am Choir) is directed by Mark Nuttall

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Maundy Thursday 3.jpg
Procession to the Place of Repose

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Maundy Thursday 4.jpg
As members of the congregation continue adoring the Blessed Sacrament,
our church looks wonderful in the moonlight

Good Friday - Celebration of the Lord's Passion

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Our main doors are open for all to attend this solemn service

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Good Friday 2.jpg
The altar has been stripped bare

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Good Friday 3.jpg
Fr Dan prostrates himself before the altar

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Good Friday 4.jpg
The Gospel of St John is read by Fr Dan, Maureen Lewis and Mike Evans

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Good Friday 5.jpg
The Holy Cross is shown three times to the congregation by Fr Dan

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Good Friday 6.jpg
Adoration of the Holy Cross by parishioners whilst Kathy Underhill directs the 9am Choir as it sings Arthur Sparke's settings of The Reproaches and Faithful Cross

Easter Vigil in the Holy Night

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 1.jpg
Fr Dan places grains of incense into the new Paschal Candle as the fire (prepared by Ray Keilthy) blazes outside our church with many parishioners watching

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 2.jpg
Fr Dan processes into the church with the new Paschal Candle

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 3.jpg
Cantor Ricky Childs reads from the Book of Exodus and then sings the psalm, also from Exodus

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 4.jpg
Fr Dan blesses the new Paschal Candle

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 5.jpg
The 9am Choir sang at this Mass

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 6.jpg
Kathy Underhill, The MHR Director of Music, directed the choir and played the organ at the Vigil

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Vigil 7.jpg
The Sanctuary area looks wonderful at the end of the Vigil

Easter Sunday morning Masses

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Sunday 1.jpg
A packed church awaits the start of 9am Mass

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Sunday 2.jpg
Fr Dan welcomes everyone on Easter morning

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Sunday 3.jpg
The lovely Easter Garden created by Esther Wilkins and her talented team of ladies

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Sunday 4.jpg
Soprano Alison Connolly sings the psalm at 11am Mass

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Sunday 5.jpg
The 11am Choir with their co-ordinator, Alison Connolly, and musicians Marilyn Goodman and Jeremiah Dinan lead the music at 11am Mass

images/news/newsphotos/20220418153739/integrated/Easter Sunday 6.jpg
The congregation streams out after 11am Mass on a bright Easter Sunday morning

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